Monday, June 22, 2009

16+ hours of driving in fun bite-size segments! And a dream.

Davey, on a wrestling game:
At first I got the heck beat out of, and Daddy got the heck beat out of, but then I started winning and Uncle Daniel got the heck beat out of.

At Lunch:
Mom: Wow, girl, you're a bottomless pit!
Fi: What's a bottomless pit?
Daddy: People used to say I had a hollow leg.
Fi: A hollow head?
Daddy: Leg.
Fi: Head. Hehehehe

DJ: Mom?
Me: Mmmm?
DJ: Are you sleeping?
Me: ...*sigh*... No.
DJ: Then why are you lying there with your eyes closed?

The CNN moment:
Me: If you kids don't settle down blah blah LAST WARNING!, blah blah blah!
DJ: *insert mouthing off*
Daddy: *pulls to a stop light in downtown Panama City*
Me: *Slam down knitting, unbuckle seatbelt, dive into back seat, pull DJ out of his seat, swat swat, return to seat, straighten hair*
Guy in the Blazer beside us: OMG....
Daddy: This is not my family, this is not my car, that's not my license plate...

Return Trip:
DJ: I want to talk to Mom
Daddy: Mom's asleep. Be quiet and let her rest.
DJ: Well, she's staring at me!
Daddy: No, behind her sunglasses her eyes are closed; she's asleep.
DJ: Stop staring at me, Mom!! Aaaauuugh!!!

The dream at the hotel:
I was trying out to be a private chef for a lady who lived alone. She wanted me to audition Iron Chef-style. She said to make oatmeal. There's not a lot you can do to make that "gourmet." I stirred and stirred, tilting the pot, adding milk, until the consistency was perfect. Now, the flavor. Mint. And Honey. It was delicious. Refreshing and indulgent. Perfect. She loved it.

Roadkill Tour 2009:
Always a unique experience once across state lines.
1 Alligator
1 Opossum
1 Raccoon
1 Un-identifiable
1 Watermellon
2 Turtles
3 squirrels
5 armadillos
9 cantaloupe
Umptyzillion Tires


  1. I love road trips, but prefer to take them alone. Really.

  2. Yeah - can't imagine why. ;) I do like road trips, but I think it'd be more comfortable in a minivan - one kid per bench seat.

    Funny thing about the dream is, I don't cook. Like, at all.

  3. But you COULD cook, if you wanted to. Love the roadkill tally - we usually do it in the voice of The Count: "One! One dead skunk! Bwah hah hah hah!!!! TWO! Two dead skunks ... " etc.

  4. Not cooking is a fine tradition on the maternal side of your family! I know your granny - and mine & your mom's granny - MUST have cooked sometimes since none of us is exactly skinny, but it's just not something I ever picture either of them doing! And your mom and I both can cook, but we don't. It's your job to teach Fiona not to cook! :-)

  5. Ha!! Actually, I'm about to start teaching Fi to cook. She needs to have more options when she's hungry (and take some burden off her dad)!
    Davey, I think will be pretty into it, when it's time - and it almost is.

  6. I do like road trips, but I think it'd be more comfortable in a minivan - one kid per bench seat.
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