Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Recently, I got an e-mail from KnittingDaily that talked about thrums. I had never even HEARD of thrums.

Thrums are little tufts of wool knitted into each stitch - it makes a fuzzy lining to whatever you're knitting. Like mittens, especially. Apparently, they started out as little bits of left-over yarn - the last 3 yards from the skein you used for your sweater that you just can't bring yourself to throw away... But it was found that they tended to unravel too badly or split or whatever, so they started using unspun wool.

They recommend you use roving (I'm still not clear on what that is) and caution the reader that thrums are a gateway drug - just a short hop from a little wool in every stitch to spinning that wool into yarn.

I had always said that when I got old enough to retire, I would have a spinning wheel and a giant craft-room, filled with dyed yarns waiting to be wound into balls and half-finished projects and more yarn than any one person could ever hope to use... Maybe I don't have to wait that long...

Anyway, for now, I just need to figure out what roving is and get my hands on some. If there's anyone out there - you know who you are - that can offer hints and advice on buying roving (you can buy it, right? This isn't something I'd have to make, is it?), I'm all grateful ears.

I happen to know some one who is allergic to cold (no kidding, she gets hives if she's in less than 60 degree weather for any length of time) and is moving to Nebraska (!!!!). I'm thinking she needs thrums.