Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday Driving

So, as far as the trip goes, it was, by some definitions, a bust. We were going to go to a water park, but as we pulled into the parking-lot, some jack-leg tried to use my car to kill his child and then blame me for it, and it looked for a while like there'd be a fight. We were prepared to overcome this, but then when we got to the park itself, it was jam-packed. Like, crazy jam-packed, with twice as many people as inflatable tubes and twice as many people as lawn chairs and huge lines at the slides. 

So, we decided to find a beach, where you don't have to wait in line to get in the water. We checked out some North Beach at Chesapeake Beach, but it wasn't looking good - not much sand, no waves, lots of people, and a stupid net to keep you from going out too far, and it was right by a pier that people were fishing off of. 

So we decided to go back to Dewey beach, since we already knew we like that one. We got there in time for about an hour of beach time. Then we hit one of the outlet stores Thing 2 wanted to hit the last time we went, and then we hit some dinner at a Chinese buffet. So, like, 7 hours of driving for about 2 hours of fun, not including dinner... But we had some high hilarity, between threats tossed between the back seats and between the front seat and the back seat, of course. It's the journey, not the destination.

Thing2, singing: ...waddle-waddle-waddle...
Me: So a duck walks up to a lemonade stand, and he said to the man running the stand
T1, T2, and me: HEY! Bum-bum-bum Got any... grapes??
T2: bum-bum-bum bum-ba-ba-dum
DH, to passing car: HELP ME...
Me: No, see, it's like these three songs and they're all based on the duck-walks-into-a-bar joke... You know... haha... okay, so a duck walks into a bar, and says to the bartender... (hours go by) ... and then the duck gets the guy to ask the girl for the ducktape! AHAHAHHAHA 
DH, looking at us like we've lost our minds: So... I guess you had to be there?
DH: Ah, yes. And now, from the state that brought you Tuckahoe state park, Assawoman Bay.
Me: Slips?? What is that?
DH: I think it's a place to put a boat in the water.
Me: Oh, I was thinking, like, "Slips and breaks leg"
Thing 1: I was thinking, like, "Slip that you wear under your dress."
Me, giggling: If we ever get a piece of property with a little creek on it, and the creek has anything remotely like rapids, I'll name it "Slips Falls"
Thing 2: Like, Slips Falls Broke Leg?
T1: Yeah! And we can call the creek Brokeleg Creek!
(For whatever reason, this totally cracked the three of us up)
DH, looking at us like we've lost our minds: Yeah, and if there's a hill, we'll name it, Brokeass Outlook
T1: Ow! Stop!
T2: Well, you stop! Hey! Ow!!!
Me: OMG if you two don't stop hitting each other right now, I'll hit you both!
Backseat: .... hehe Ouch! hehehe ... ... Ouch! hehehe
Me: ???

Yeah... they were smacking themselves and the other one was saying ouch. So, they weren't breaking the rule, exactly.

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  1. Memories...

    I've been on road trips like that. Such fun!