Friday, November 14, 2008

A Failed Attempt at Outdoor Knitting, or A Few of My Favorite Things

Yes, that is a pile of cats sitting on my lap, on top of my knitting, as I'm trying to knit it. So, like any good cat owner, what I do? Knit calmly and slowly, being careful not to disturb the pile of cats. Who's evolved?

I got the coolest knitting compliment ever. Petra, a lady who works in my dentist's office, saw me knitting. She's German and I know from the last time I went in that she's probably been knitting longer than I've been putting my own pants on. She complimented my evenness of stitches and taught me the German word for cable knitting - Sopf. It means braiding. Sopf is the same word applied to braiding hair. Of course, I'm looking through online translators now and am not finding it. But whatever.

Speaking of "a few of my favorite things," I'm once again considering starting a fiber-enthusiast group at work. We have a little cafe nearby. We could sit in there and sew-knit-crochet-scrapbook for an hour on Wednesday afternoons. Right? I don't know. I'm scared. What if you threw a party and nobody came?


  1. If no one comes to your party, you continue on your own like there's no tomorrow. There are few things more satisfying than being secure in your craft. And besides, you know that at the very least, people will look on with awe from a distance!

    Ah, yes, the lack of feline disruption. Who was it, maybe Winston Churchill, who cut off his sleeve so as to not disturb his sleeping cat? Personally, I just hope that my relatives won't mind too much cat hair on their Christmas presents... How do cats manage to always find the most comfortable spot in the house, anyway?

  2. The bigger question is, "Why do cats completely ignore you until you stil down to do something that requires a lap?"

    Start your group, Jenn! It might even take some time to get it going, but, at this time of year especially any opportunity to craft is usually welcomed!

  3. Thank you both so much for the encouragement!

    ...unfortunately the official group idea has been buroratized. I may just have to accidentally be knitting in the cafe after work every Wednesday. Not sure on that, though.