Monday, October 13, 2008

Ribbed for his pleasure?

So, I'm starting to put a lot of thought into Christmas knitting. There are two small children to knit for (not mine), Best Friend, Mom, MIL... I don't honestly think I'll get it all done. But one of the challenges I'm facing is, What on earth do you knit for a guy??
Socks take too long. No way, even if that's all I touched, would I get socks done by Christmas. And I'm totally scared of sweaters. And if you knit a scarf/shawl/neckwarmer for a female relative, knitting something similar for the male relative would make sense. Since guys don't tend to wear shawls or neckwarmers or fingerless gloves... That pretty much leaves scarves. Which is perfect, right? They tend to not require checking guage (which I HATE); they tend to be fairly easy, most of the time; and they're usually pretty portable.

Only, what on earth makes the difference between a men's scarf and a women's scarf? There are a zillion scarf patterns out there that look like they could be manly. Maybe I just don't have a good feel for manliness in accessories? I mean, obviously, anything with lace or sparkles and almost everything in mohair is not going to cut the muster for manliness. So, is there a width requirement on Manly Scarves? Is there a weight or fiber requirement? I'm thinking wider is better and chunky isn't a bad thing. Right?


  1. Try the Irish Hiking Scarf? Or something chunky, a plain knit would show off the yarn really well.

    Don't be scared of sweaters - a top-down raglan is super simple, and could be completed in time if you used bulky yarn.

    I think that blue sweater is supposed to be a target of some kind. I mean, it just says "hit me!"

  2. Top-down raglan, you say? Hmmm... and that is a marvelous excuse to play with colorwork.

    As always, your expertise is wonderful to have! Yay for Friends who Knit!